CraftHus Hand Made Wax Melts from 100% Soy Wax using cosmetic grade fragrances.

After much success during 2017 at local craft fairs and corporate sales, I am happy to introduce my ‘handmade’ wax melts, made with 100% Soy Wax which I have infused with an exciting range of cosmetic grade fragrances. 

These wax melts are a very popular, and the perfect Way to scent your home. If you can bear to part with them they also make the perfect gift for friends and family.

What is a wax melt?…….. A wax melt is a highly scented wax disc that you break into six pieces  or as I like to call them 'chunks'.
All you have to do is place one 'chunk' into the bowl area of your wax/oil burner and add a tea-light (underneath), as the wax begins to melt your home will begin to smell of  your chosen aroma,  this should last between 10-15 hours depending on the size of your room. 

Once the fragrance scent has gone, remove the cold used wax dome (I suggest you use a piece of kitchen paper towel , this can be thrown away), then just add another 'chunk' of your chosen fragrance.
If you wish to change fragrances’ I recommend you wash the burner bowl with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
Wax melts provide a healthier option to home fragrancing by using soy wax.

To order or re-order please use the contact page or email
I will contact you by phone for payment via Paypal

You can also order these via my Etsy shop Page -  CraftHus from February 2018

My current fragrances are:- 

Fresh Linen    - for that crisp clean washing smell.

Fig & Cassis  - very popular for all rooms in your home.

Pomegranate Noir-best seller along with Fig & Cassis, lovely.

Vanilla - This classic smell reminds me of my childhood
Rose & Patchouli - Relaxing Vintage fragrance.

Citronella - Great for midges on summer evenings.

Christmas - Christmas spices - bliss.

Baked Bread -  Usually bought by men!

White Musk - a lovely popular fragrance.

Lavender - Very relaxing and calming.

Sweetpea - I love growing Sweetpeas, now I can enjoy this fragrance all year round!

 All melts cost £2.50 each + p&p or 5 for £10 + p&p.

Burners -

I have a selection of burners for sale, the heart shaped burner in the slideshow is available in white or black (boxed) and costs £6 +p&p